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MMPB’s are they worth it? (Mass-market PaperBacks) on Amazon FBA

This is one of those areas, where you are going to get varying answers on both sides of the situation. And I will state, that each person has to decide on their own how to run their business, and what … Continue reading

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Amazon FBA Price Increase – what is all the worry?

Ok, there was a price increase that Amazon did on FBA fees. It was a whole 10 cents on the Ship-n-Pack fee, from 50c to 60c.  And people seem to be upset for some reason.  That is the first FBA … Continue reading

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FBA Storage Fees

Here is the Amazon FBA Storage Fee Calculator, I just did a simple book: 9.6″ x 6.2″ x .4″, and it calculates out to .01  (1c) per month, all thru the year. There is a higher rate for storage during … Continue reading

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Amazon Sales Rank

Ok, this is probably the first of multiple posts on this particular subject, as there is a lot to this one. But let’s start with the Amazon Definition: What Amazon Bestsellers Rank Means The Amazon Bestsellers calculation is based on … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Ok, I new to WordPress and a friend recommended I set this up, so that I can Blog about my experiences with Amazon FBA. This ought to be interesting and fun!!! Bob Willey Owner of YahooGroup: BookSellersFBA

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