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Amazon Sales Rank can be a dangerous tool, use it cautiously

Want to see a reason to NOT use Sales Rank, or at least not very reliably??? ISBN: 14165823X The AtoZ Money Book from Armchair Millionaire Sales Rank was:  8,049,065 I have about 50 of these at Amazon FBA and was … Continue reading

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SCOE Amazon Seller’s Conference 2011 Seattle PICTURES

Here are some of the pictures I took during my trip to SCOE/2011: Wow, such great memories……. Hope you enjoyed my little tour  (pictures taken from my Droid X) Bob

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SCOE Amazon Sellers’ Conference – Seattle/2011

Here is some of the information I received while attending the SCOE Amazon Seller’s Conference in Seattle/2011. I went to the Advanced FBA Session, given by Tom Plaster & Andy Epperson (heads of FBA Program): Inbound Inventory Destination  (FC Warehouse … Continue reading

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