SCOE Amazon Sellers’ Conference – Seattle/2011

Here is some of the information I received while attending the SCOE Amazon Seller’s Conference in Seattle/2011.

I went to the Advanced FBA Session, given by Tom Plaster & Andy Epperson (heads of FBA Program):

Inbound Inventory Destination  (FC Warehouse Allocation)

Size +
Category +
Popularity +
Order Patterns +
Current Inventory +

FC Destination = Fulfillment Center

REMEMBER:   Calculate your ROI    (Return on Investment)
Use the FBA Calculator:

Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator (Beta)

Provide your fulfillment costs and see real-time cost comparisons between your fulfillment and our offering for customer orders fulfilled on


** FBA fees are flat and predictable

Competition are making these same choices

Media is going to ABE3 for the forseeable future, it may change as more warehouses are added and expanded.

Amazon is building about 1 FC (Fulfillment Center) every 2 months   !!!!

Match Inventory to Velocity   (this is a far-reaching and important statement, think about it carefully)

The “Danger Zone” is where most damage/problems/issues occur is the DOCK area, in that nebulous zone where the hand-off between carrier and being received by Amazon occurs.  It is not in either system

I have a copy I made from a slide showing the FBA Return process, I am not sure how to get it into a display form, but will work on.  It really is enlightening.


What we’re working on:  (AMAZON FBA)

Improved reports & settlement details

Faster removal with more visibility

Better handling of “unfillables”

Handling for light items

More prep services

More comprehensive API functions

More visibility & faster reimbursements for lost/damaged items

….. And about 400 more things

(this was reinforced by Simon Vining – Listing Management)


Note:  I was the guest of FBAPower CEO Chris Green & Paul Retheford, and met the other wonderful members of this group.  A Special thanks to Nancy, Tom, Zack & TJ

FBAPower was the hit of the Conference (and really helped make the conference) and kept all us very busy, but enjoyable talking to all those great Amazon Sellers.  There were two FBAPower sessions scheduled, and it was moved to the largest room that the Marriott had to offer, and there still had to be a 3rd Session put together, since the demand was so high, that it was standing room only, even in the 3rd session.

The FBARepricer was very well received, there is nothing like it on the market today.

There were about 450 attendees (150 more on the waiting list that could NOT get in), over 130 vendor personnel, and 150 Amazon personnel (yep, a 3 to 1 ratio).  And not just staff people, many VP’s and product managers were onhand.

I got to have lunch with Scott Kubicki – VP Seller Support (Technical Account Management – TAM)      He told us of how he has only been with Amazon for 4 months, and came from On-Star (GM).  And his track-record was amazing, no wonder that Amazon scooped him up, he said they implemented a intelligent system, so that when you pushed the OnStar button, it looked at your history, who you are, where you are, the time of day and other factors, and they have 90% track record of routing the call successfully to the right department, before you even said a word!  (Kind of big-brother eery)    And they had improved their routing so that the average routing call was resolved within 42 seconds.   He was very open and really was concerned about sellers and their issues, and wanted to be there to offer assistance, and freely gave out his e-mail address.

I also got to talk with many other VP’s, Product Managers, Support Reps (thanks Heather!) and many, many others.

Also got to have lunch with Skip McGrath in his hometown of Anacortes WA, at the beautiful wharf/marina restaurant Anthony’s.  Skip also gave us a private tour and I took some pictures of the harbor and bay area, even saw an Oil Tanker (no whales…  😦

See my pictures on

FBAPower SCOE/Amazon Conferece Seattle/2011 Presentation

Got to meet with many many friends, Skip McGrath, Janelle Elms, Cindy Shelbey, many of the OSI Rockstars, many of the BookSellersFBA Yahoo Group members, Joe Waynick who wrote Internet Bookselling Made EASY, and so many others…..

So much information, so many great times, so many great people….

Whewww…     Time to take a breath.


About FBARocks Bob Willey

My name is Bob Willey and I own Bob's Neat Books & Bob's Neat Stuff & ***** We've been selling on Amazon using FBA since June of 2008, and on Amazon since 2005. We are mostly FBA and we use FBA to sell practically anything! When it comes to selling on Amazon using FBA, we don't discriminate. The only requirement is that the items are profitable! We sell toys, games, books, and media items such as DVDs, CDs, even VHS tapes! We've also been selling on eBay since 1998 with over 11,000 feedbacks (100% Positive)!! Have been an eBay Trading Assistant for over 9 years. Also sell some Media items on eBay. ***** I also provide Seller Coaching services, designed to be one-on-one via Skype video, to target your exact needs, not generalized training, but specifically what YOU need. ***** I also moderate the YahooGroup FBAForum (see link below): ***** My background is varied, as I owned a computer consulting business for 28 years, and a Brick-n-mortar Auction House for 5 years with a weekly auction filling a 15,000 sq ft building. Plus I have done over 150 Estate Appraisals. OK, I enjoy STUFF.... *****
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