Amazon FBA Recipe for Success eBook Training Released

It is finally finished! Suzanne Wells & Kim Tarrant have been working on their Amazon FBA program all summer, and here it is!

Amazon FBA Recipe for Success

Comprehensive 105 page eBook explaining how to sell products on Amazon using their fulfillment (FBA) program. Written by Suzanne Wells and Kim Tarrant, two experienced Amazon FBA sellers who earn their living selling online.

eBook Highlights:

Understanding the Amazon Customer – When you know why they pay more, you can charge more for your products.

Sourcing – Not just where to go, but how to maximize your time and use technology to source products.

Scouting Tools – You can do this without a smart phone!

Pricing Strategies – How to deal with competitors (Amazon isn’t eBay and you don’t have to be the lowest priced seller to get sales).

Amazon Minefields – Tips for staying out of trouble.

FBA Scout – Tips and tricks for using the FBA Scout App.

Damage Control – Who to contact or what to do when there is a problem with your FBA shipment, damaged products, or returns.

FAQs – Answers to questions we have seen repeated on seller boards and groups. YahooGroup: FBAForum

Assignments are included after each chapter so you can practice what you’ve learned before you spend money on inventory. These are some of the same assignments Suzanne Wells uses with her private coaching clients. (She has coached over 300 clients worldwide helping them grow their eCommerce businesses.) So roll up your sleeves and let’s get started making money on Amazon!

100% satisfaction guarantee, money back if not completely satisfied.


About FBARocks Bob Willey

My name is Bob Willey and I own Bob's Neat Books & Bob's Neat Stuff & ***** We've been selling on Amazon using FBA since June of 2008, and on Amazon since 2005. We are mostly FBA and we use FBA to sell practically anything! When it comes to selling on Amazon using FBA, we don't discriminate. The only requirement is that the items are profitable! We sell toys, games, books, and media items such as DVDs, CDs, even VHS tapes! We've also been selling on eBay since 1998 with over 11,000 feedbacks (100% Positive)!! Have been an eBay Trading Assistant for over 9 years. Also sell some Media items on eBay. ***** I also provide Seller Coaching services, designed to be one-on-one via Skype video, to target your exact needs, not generalized training, but specifically what YOU need. ***** I also moderate the YahooGroup FBAForum (see link below): ***** My background is varied, as I owned a computer consulting business for 28 years, and a Brick-n-mortar Auction House for 5 years with a weekly auction filling a 15,000 sq ft building. Plus I have done over 150 Estate Appraisals. OK, I enjoy STUFF.... *****
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