FBA 2012: New Year’s Challenge, TIME TO TEST: Who are you following? Who are your mentors?

FBA 2012: New Year’s Challenge, TIME TO TEST: Who are you following? Who are your mentors?

This is a Guest Post from Chris Green

Happy New Year!

2011 was another record setting year for Amazon! You can read all about it in their recent PRESS RELEASE.

What will 2012 hold for Amazon and FBA? Well, for starters, FBA is really starting to catch on! It’s such a new and innovative program that many people were hesitant at first but they have now taken the plunge and only wish they had done so sooner. I’ve been personally mentoring people for years on FBA so I am a little surprised that it took so long for everyone to come to the party!

Whether you are new to FBA or a seasoned FBA vet, one of THE BEST places to get great FBA information is my book, Retail Arbitrage. Only $9.99 on Kindle and if you are an Amazon Prime member and have a Kindle device, you can ‘borrow’ it for free with no return due date!


This isn’t a short, little book that you can read in one sitting. It’s 348 pages of powerful FBA content from someone who speaks on each topic from personal experience.

New Sellers, Students, Teachers, Mentors, and Gurus

With the growth of FBA, there has been a huge increase in the number of people who want to learn about Amazon, FBA, and how to really take their businesses to the next level. This also means that there are a lot of teachers, mentors, and ‘gurus’ who have sprung up to try to teach this stuff. I’ve been teaching FBA for over three years and I assure you that it is difficult to teach PROPERLY and improper teaching will mean that the student WILL FAIL. There are a lot of eBay sellers making the switch and thinking that Amazon is like eBay when nothing could be further form the truth. Treating Amazon like eBay and not LEARNING Amazon and FBA properly is a recipe for disaster.

Believe me; I’ve taught people with zero online selling experience to advanced sellers. You cannot become an FBA mentor overnight.

Here is my 2012 CHALLENGE to all the FBA teachers, mentors, and ‘gurus’:

I’m calling on all mentors to BE BETTER; to put the MEMBERS FIRST. It is on the MENTORS (myself included) to be GOOD MENTORS! Mentors will stand or fall based on their CONTENT and based on if they continue to provide quality, useful, and accurate information to their members.

Here is a test for any mentor, guru, or teacher: are they putting YOU, the MEMBER, first? Are they teaching you everything they know? Are they encouraging you to be independent? Or are they making you dependent upon them? Are they teaching you all of the available resources that you can use to grow your business? Or are they selectively withholding information that could be helping you?

There are GOOD mentors out there! Do your homework and learn from mentors who TRULY want to see you and your business succeed! So how how do you tell who the GOOD MENTORS are? EASY! In 2012 and moving forward, it will become easier for members to tell who the real gurus are by TESTING anything that is said. So TEST what they say and TEST what they teach.

FIRST TEST: There are three amazing places to get REAL, SOLID, and USEFUL information from FBA sellers who speak from experience.

FBAForum Yahoo Group: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/FBAForum/
FBARadio Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/230629463659139/
FBARadio.com: http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=112441

Easy test: do your mentors tell you about these sites? Or do they keep you in their own system? It’s possible that you could be getting MORE and BETTER FBA information FOR FREE in these groups than by paying for the privilege of being in another group. I would question why any mentor who teaches FBA would NOT share these powerful, useful, and best of all FREE resources with their members. Mentors who put their members FIRST would share these sites in a heartbeat because they would HELP THEIR MEMBERS!

Here’s a few more TESTS:

Online product sourcing:

Are you being taught about the Amazon Browser Bar to see Amazon’s prices as you browse other sites?

Are you being taught how to use InvisibleHand to see the prices on other sites as you browse Amazon.com?


Are you being told about Amazon Price Check for iPhone and Android?

Deal sharing sites:

Are you being taught how to use FatWallet.com where they have:

Hot Deals Forum, Today’s Best Deals, and Most Popular Deals?

They even have Topic Alerts so you can have deals sent directly to your email as soon as they are posted! (Must be a member to set up Topic Alerts)

How about SlickDeals.net where they have:

Popular Deals, Hot Deals Forum, and Deal Alerts?

Are you being taught to track an item’s historic price using sites like CamelCamelCamel.com and TheTracktor.com?

Are they telling you about Retail Arbitrage on Kindle for only $9.99? (Free to borrow if you have Amazon Prime and a Kindle device). Easily the best source on the HOW and the WHY behind the success of using the FBA program. Reading this book will take months off of your learning curve. $9.99 to save MONTHS OF TIME and avoid many costly mistakes? Easy decision if you ask me 🙂

If your mentors fail these tests, then STOP and THINK about what that means.

Are they putting YOU, the USERS, the MEMBERS, first?

Or are your mentors funneling you into a ‘one size fits all’ business model?

Or are your mentors just offering up some new affiliated product each month for you to buy?
FYI: For a typical affiliated product, the ‘mentor’ will get 1/2 of what you are paying. Always carefully look at the links that you click to see if you are being given a ‘no strings attached’ recommendation, or if you are clicking on an affiliate link. There are times and places for affiliate links, but what does it mean when a mentor won’t share something UNLESS it is affiliate? I’m sure you can guess.

There is a good way to test who the leaders are and who the followers are. If no one is following someone, they are not a leader.

A true mentor, teacher, or guru, especially one that you are paying money to, should be looking to HELP you.

HELP you grow your business.
HELP you find what you are good at.
HELP you monetize your strengths.
A true mentor relationship should be win-win.

How does selectively sharing information and withholding useful information help YOU, the member? Answer: it doesn’t

BONUS TEST: As you can see, I am more than happy to teach and share FBA information for free. I am also happy to participate in forums, groups, and answer any questions. I’m a member of many online forums and I’m happy to join more. Those who know me know that I don’t just post about and promote FBAPower and FBAScout; they know that I post QUALITY information and ACCURATE answers. Am I in your groups? Or are you in a closed group where only specific, ‘Guru-Approved’ information is shared?

But you just want everyone to use FBAPower and FBAScout! (insert whiny voice here)

Do I want everyone to use FBAPower and FBAScout? Of course I do! But here’s the difference: I teach FBA. I don’t teach just FBAPower and FBAScout. I teach FBA and it is ON ME as the Director of FBAPower and FBAScout to EARN your business by providing AWESOME programs and apps. You can read everything that I’ve written and participate in the FREE groups and not use FBAPower or FBAScout. If they don’t save you more money and more time than they cost you, then you should not use them. If you can do it better your own way, or if you’ve found a better way, go for it!

We are fairly unique as a company. I have a hard time thinking of another company that does things similar to the way we do things. We make the programs, we support the programs, but we also teach you the business model related to our programs whether you use our programs or not. That puts the CHALLENGE ON US as software providers to make programs that are so awesome that you WANT to use them because they MAKE YOU MONEY and SAVE YOU TIME. It’s ON US to be GREAT and EARN your business.

Sure, Bill Gates will teach you how to use Microsoft Word, but will he teach you how to make money with it?

Rubber meets the road challenge. 214-298-6866: This is my cell phone number. It rings in my pocket.

You don’t have to use FBAPower or FBAScout to call me.
This number is PUBLISHED in my book, Retail Arbitrage.
Do your mentors offer this level of contact?
Only restrictions: I am EST. Call when the sun is up. Text anytime 🙂

Recap: Want to learn more about FBA? Think you need fancy subscriptions to membership sites to get started? Think you need to pay an FBA mentor to help you get started? You can if you want; I can’t stop you. Or you can call me. FOR FREE.

It’s 2012; time to check your mentors.

Is this post controversial? It shouldn’t be. It is simply a call to all mentors to PUT THE MEMBER FIRST. Good mentors WILL STAND.

Chris Green


About FBARocks Bob Willey

My name is Bob Willey and I own Bob's Neat Books & Bob's Neat Stuff & SellerCoaching.com ***** We've been selling on Amazon using FBA since June of 2008, and on Amazon since 2005. We are mostly FBA and we use FBA to sell practically anything! When it comes to selling on Amazon using FBA, we don't discriminate. The only requirement is that the items are profitable! We sell toys, games, books, and media items such as DVDs, CDs, even VHS tapes! We've also been selling on eBay since 1998 with over 11,000 feedbacks (100% Positive)!! Have been an eBay Trading Assistant for over 9 years. Also sell some Media items on eBay. ***** I also provide Seller Coaching services, designed to be one-on-one via Skype video, to target your exact needs, not generalized training, but specifically what YOU need. http://Facebook.com/SellerCoaching ***** I also moderate the YahooGroup FBAForum (see link below): http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/FBAForum ***** My background is varied, as I owned a computer consulting business for 28 years, and a Brick-n-mortar Auction House for 5 years with a weekly auction filling a 15,000 sq ft building. Plus I have done over 150 Estate Appraisals. OK, I enjoy STUFF.... ***** http://SellerCoaching.com
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  1. Wondering if you guys know if the “lending” aspect of the Prime membership works if you have only the Kindle app for an iPhone or if you have to have an actual Kindle? Thanks for sharing the great info and happy New Year!

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