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Branching out on Amazon FBA and using Help for researching the Out of your Comfort Zone areas

It is becoming increasingly important to keep your business diversified, depending on just one category for many does not allow their business to grow.   So with people moving out of the “comfort zone”, a whole new area of concern arises.   … Continue reading

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Amazon Sales Rank can be a dangerous tool, use it cautiously

Want to see a reason to NOT use Sales Rank, or at least not very reliably??? ISBN: 14165823X The AtoZ Money Book from Armchair Millionaire Sales Rank was:  8,049,065 I have about 50 of these at Amazon FBA and was … Continue reading

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SCOE Amazon Seller’s Conference 2011 Seattle PICTURES

Here are some of the pictures I took during my trip to SCOE/2011: Wow, such great memories……. Hope you enjoyed my little tour  (pictures taken from my Droid X) Bob

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FBA Warehouse

Ok, so you are interested in FBA, or have been selling on Amazon FBA, and wanted to know more about what the FBA Warehouse was like? Well, here it is: Very interesting to actually see a major Fulfillment Warehouse … Continue reading

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MMPB’s are they worth it? (Mass-market PaperBacks) on Amazon FBA

This is one of those areas, where you are going to get varying answers on both sides of the situation. And I will state, that each person has to decide on their own how to run their business, and what … Continue reading

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Amazon Sales Rank

Ok, this is probably the first of multiple posts on this particular subject, as there is a lot to this one. But let’s start with the Amazon Definition: What Amazon Bestsellers Rank Means The Amazon Bestsellers calculation is based on … Continue reading

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